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Frequently asked Questions
Can I get the 30LR, 50LR or 66LR with different colored lenses?
  No, They do not use colored lenses. They use  Red, Green, and White LED's so you get the brightest lights possible. You can however buy LED modules to change the color or your light.
Can I order just a led head or led module so I can change the color of my Destroyer?
  No, the color of the Destroyer can not be user changed. We can change it for you and the cost is $40.00. If you would like us to change it, please send us a email at
Do I have to run the 18650 battery all the way down before I charge it?
  No, The batteries can be charged at any time as they don't have a memory. When you notice your light is much dimmer then with a fully charged battery it is time to charge them. Please note that our new 3100ma and 3400ma batteries have a protection circuit in them so they can not be discharged too low. When the battery gets too low the protection circuit kicks in and cuts the power off. On our 2400ma and 2500ma batteries, they need to be charged as you notice the light is much dimmer then with a fully charged battery because they do not have protection circuit and if you run them too low it will ruin them. Never leave the batteries in the charger with the charger unplugged as this will drain them and ruin them.
Do you have a phone number I can call for info or ordering?

Yes, our phone # is 916-276-1385. Our phone business hours are from 9am to 5pm CST Monday-Friday. Please note that if we don't answer, please leave a message and we will call you back.

Do you have a store front so I can come by and purchase directly from Sniper Hog Lights.
  No, We do not have a store front for customers to come by and purchase products. We do have two dealers in the area though, one is Victoria All Sports in Victoria and the other is J and J Archery in Port Lavaca. If our dealers don't have what your looking for, you will have to order from our website or in some rare cases, if you call us we may be willing to come and meet you at a predetermined location with the product you need.
Does the 30LR bow light have a adjustment to get the light aimed up with my bow sights?
  Yes, the 30LR can be adjusted by turning the light
1/8 of turn on your bow. Once you screw the light into your stabilizer
hole and tighten the nut to your bow, if it's not lined up right, just
loosen the nut and turn the light 1/8 of a turn and tighten the nut and
check it. Repeat this until it is lined up correctly.
How do you determine how far your lights shine?
  We do not guess like most companies do, we use a light meter to measure them. We then use the Ansi system to determine the distance they will shine. Please click on light distances at the top of the page for all our light distances and for details on the Ansi system.
How many lumens do your lights put out?
  Please note that there are a lot of companies that flat out lie about the amount of lumens their lights put out and on top of that it's not all about lumens, the reflector/lens in the light that focuses the light has as much or more to do with how far a light will shine. For example, we can make a light that puts out 1000 lumens but wont shine 30 yards, on the other hand we can make a 80 lumen light shine over 200 yards. We perfectly match our led's with the reflector to get the optimum performance from our lights. We guarantee you will not find a self contained led flashlight on the market that shines further than our 66LR with a similar price. All our 30LR, 50LR and 66LR put out the same amount of lumens and we listed them below

Red = 200 lumens, Green = 250 lumens, White 350 = 350 lumens, White 800 = 800 lumens.

What is the life expectancy of the 18650 battery?
  The 18650 batteries have a 10 year life span and can be charged up to 500 times.
What light and color should I buy?
  This all depends on how your hunting. If your bow hunting then go with our 30LR bow light. If your rifle hunting then go with our 30LR, 50LR or 66LR, it just depends on how far you want to shoot. If you don't plan on shooting over 130 yards then go with our 30LR, if you don't plan on shooting over 250 yards then go with our 50LR and if you plan on shooting over 250 yards go with our 66LR. We do a lot of night hunting and red is the color we choose and recommend for all night time hunting.
Will cold temperatures effect the light output of your lights?

No, our lights will work perfect in cold temperatures and about the only effect extreme cold temps will have is slightly less run times on the lights.

Will the 38LRX head fit on my 30LR light?
  No, the 38LRX head will not work on any 30LR lights because the base is different. The 38LRX head will however work with our 50LR, 50LRX, 66LR and 66LRX lights.
Will the new 30LR, 50LR or 66LR heads and LED modules fit my Destroyer or Mini-Sniper?
  No, they will only fit our 30LR, 50LR and 66LR lights.