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Hi i just wanted to thank you guys for the 50lrx ir gun kit! It is amazing with the photon xt! My buddy has an Armasight Zeus and we went out calling yotes tonight. Without my hawg light i was limited to under 100 yards but with it i can see eyes to the horizon and identify targets to about 500 yards with no ambient light. You guys are great! Well worth the money! Thanks! Kwaid

I recently bought you 66LRX in Red and white and while I never leave testimonials I had to after using this light. First off I was really skeptical when I talked to Robert on the the phone and he told me I would be able to identify animals out to 450 yards with the red. The first night I was out with it, I didn't see any Coyotes but I did see deer and I could identify them out to 470 yards as I've hunted this spot many times. It's a open field with a tree line that is about 500 yards away and the deer were almost at the tree line. While I was ordering, Robert talked me into also getting the white with it and man am I glad I did because it makes for a awesome flashlight and without optics I could see around 400 yards. I need to take it back out and check it with my scope because I bet I could see 600-700 yards with my scope. Thank you Sniper Hog Lights, Victor Ibiza

38LRX bow light,
This is by far the best bow light I've ever seen and I've seen pretty much all of them as I run a day lease for night hunting hogs and hunters show up with all kinds of different lights. Most of our customers struggle to make good shots at night with other lights because while they light up the area decently, they don't even compare to the 38LRX bow light and the better you can see the easier it is to make the shot. The 38LRX quality is also far superior to the other lights I've seen. Matt, Texas
Since I loved the 38LRX bow light so much, I decided to call Sniper Hog Lights about their Feeder light. I talked to Robert on the phone and he explained everything in detail about the feeder light. I ordered a couple of them several months ago and these things are flat out awesome. They run all night every night, light up the entire feed area and make it simple for my customers to make good shots on hogs at night. I bet our recovery rate on pigs has went up 50% since using these products.

Sniper Hog Lights,
I just wanted to let you know that when I got ready to purchase your Red 66LR light I noticed you listed it would shine 449 yards and I figured that I would be lucky to see 200 yards because all the other lights I have bought in the past you would be lucky to see half the distance the company listed you could see. Well I'm here to tell ya that I could almost see 200 yards with the Red 66LR on low mode and on high I can see 350 yards no problem and would probably be able to see even further if I had some place to shine it that far. Thank you for making the furthest shinning red light that I've ever seen and I've never seen a red light that even comes close.
Best regards,
John, South Texas

I wanted to Thank you again for mailing my 66LR Rifle light gun hunters package with 2 extra LED modules express mail. I received it on Wednesday in time to take it on my hunting trip this weekend. I am very satisfied with the quality of the light and it works AWESOME, exactly as advertised. I shared my experience with a few of my hunting buddies and they are excited to try hog hunting at night as well. One of them, Lee, said he placed a order for one last week. I am sure there will be a few more over the next couple of weeks. The first two nights I hunted with the light we saw hogs at the feeder with perfect clarity. I will be using my new light all the time and love the fact that I don't have to stop hunting when it gets dark anymore. This is a great product and much more economical then night vision socpes.
Nate, Florida

I had to send you a email and let you know how great the 66LR light I bought from you is. First I purchased it on a Friday morning and received it on that Monday, thank you for the Extremely fast shipping. I just had to check it out the first night, I first put the white 350 lumen Led module in it and with my scope I know I could shoot 500 yards with it as I have a tree line is 505 yards from my back door and I could see the tree line in my scope. Then I tried the green and while I could see the tree line I'm not sure if I could see good enough to shoot but maybe. Up next was the red and while I know I couldn't see good enough to shoot 500 yards, I do think I could shoot out to about 400 yards. I went on my first hunt a couple of nights ago and dropped a coyote at 357 yards using the red Led module. Thank you for making the best gun light on the market hands down. I'm sure you have seen several orders from my friends since I know of at least 4 of them that have bought the light since they have seen mine.

Will, PA

I got your 30LR bow light with all three colors a couple of days ago and it was very simple to set up once it got dark out. Where I hunt, the pigs are very spooky of lights that are too bright and that is why I went with your light because you could focus it to put just the right amount of light on the pigs to see them without spooking them. Last night was the first night out with the 30LR in Red, I killed a big boar that I had spooked twice before with one of your competitors bow lights because even though it had a low mode it was still too bright and I didn't like cycling through the modes. The 30LR not only the best bow light, it is also the best flashlight I have ever seen when I put the normal tail cap on it with the white 800 lumen LED.
Thank you for making such a great product.
Joe, Texas

I received the 66LR light with the red LED about a week ago and let me tell you it's the best light I have ever seen. Took it out last night and identified and shot a red fox at about 350 yards. Never before could I do that and never before could I identify a fox at 100 yards let alone 300 yards. Thank you guys for the best light around and I will definitely tell everyone about it.
Thank you again,

I Just received my 66LR rifle light and can't believe how far this thing shines. I could clearly see the tree line that is just over 300 yards away with the red light.Then I put the white 350 led module in the light and it lit the tree's up like daylight. I also have a XLR-250 and the 66LR seams to shine at least twice as far as it. The adjustable focus is awesome and your eliminator switch is so much better then cycling through modes like I had to do on the XLR-250. Heck, your low mode shines as far if not further then the XLR-250 on full power. Can't wait to go hunting with this bad boy. Thanks for a outstanding light.
Dave, Texas

I had to write to you and let you know that I received my 66LR gun hunters package with Red, Green and White 350 LED modules about 3 weeks ago and I'm completely amazed at how far this light will shine. I took it to my lease to do a bit of hog hunting and coyote hunting. We have a feeder that is 300 yards from our lease trailer that the hogs have been hitting and I wanted a light that could shine that far. There was another hunter in camp that I told what I was planning on doing and he said there is now way I would be able to see that far with a red light because he had a XLR-250 in red and green and he couldn't see close to that far. After it got good and dark, I pulled out the 66LR with red led and turned it on. I could easily see good enough to make the shot and the guy with the XLR-250 couldn't believe it and he was mad that his light cost about as much and didn't even come close to shinning as far as your 66LR. Well the pigs showed up around 11pm and I shot a huge boar. After taking care of the boar I went out coyote calling and killed two coyotes and 1 was probably over 300 yards. Thank you for such a great product and the guy that had the XLR-250 said he would be ordering one.

Shelby, Texas

I have one of your Destroyer lights and recently bought the 50LR. The 50LR is one incredible light. I love the adjustable focus and interchangeable colors. The 50LR easily outshines the Destroyer and your new improved tail cap with Eliminator switch shows you are dedicated to making the best light possible. On my first hunt the adjustable focus saved the day because I was hunting over a corned road and was expecting the hogs to come out about 100 yards away but when they popped out at 20 yards I was worried that too bright of light would spook them so I adjusted the beam to it's biggest beam and turn the light on low. The hogs had no idea the light was on them and I was able to take the biggest sow. Thank you for making such a great light and I will be telling everyone about it.

Marko, TX

Dear Sniper Hog Lights,

I received my new Mini Sniper Light today for my bow. The description was spot on and I could not be more pleased with the quality of this hog light. I was also impressed with the amount of accessories that this came with, unlike other lights. I looked at the Mini Sniper last, and it cost less than the others, that made me kind of worried. I sent an email to you folks and got a reply back within the hour. I was sold at that moment. Customer service is a big factor for me when it comes to deciding on a product. Your sniper light has the edge with the Eliminator switch as well. Great product and super fast shipping.

Thank you again, Cory, Indiana

I Had some serious reservations on this lights ability. I spoke to you on the phone and you advised the Destroyer would be good to 150 yards no problem. But I figured you were selling your product like so many others who have similar systems. BOY was I Wrong. This is an exceptional light. I went out with it on Christmas night.(Had to wait for Christmas due to WIFE) I was completely shocked .I could see well past 150 yards . So impressed that I tried it in the field which has a tree line about 300 yards out. I could make out the tree line so I am sure if it were a deer sized animal you could probably recognize it . But at 150 to 175 easily see a coon or possum sized animal . So for yote hunting it would be perfect. Thanks for such a great product. I will be ordering from you again and will certainly tell my friends . If any one has doubts as I had , I can only say, do not Doubt this system . This is mounted on a 22 mag. with a 4 power scope. Bigger scope more magnification and I am sure the sight distance is even greater. ,


Wow, is a understatement. I have had your Red Mini-Sniper since July and it's awesome. I use the two mode switch and most nights the low is plenty but when I need to shoot out to 30+ yards, the high mode gets it done and then some. I have shot more hogs this year than ever before. I bet I've used the Mini-Sniper at least 30 times and haven't had to charge the battery yet. Thank you for making such a great light that does everything you say and then some. I'm a Sniper Hog lights customer for life.

Miguel, South Texas

Thanks. The lights work great, I got a shot at 200yds on a coyote in complete darkness with the Red destroyer. Could never do that with anything else. Everybody that sees it is asking all about it. Thanks for the great light and a thumbs up to whoever designed it. The animals up here don't even care about it shinning right in their faces.

Doug, Ohio

Got to use my new Destroyer light last week and it is awesome. Fast shipping and received just as ordered. Unfortunately the hog never came through, but could clearly see deer at 100+ yards on a 3/4 full moon night, and even saw a bobcat clearly at 165 yards. The deer nor the bobcat ever spooked on the light and barely even looked up when I turned it on. Now I want another one to use as a flashlight so I don't have to put the gun in the window to spot. Oh, and everyone at the lease wants one now, so be looking for more sales from the Houston Texas area.

Lin, Houston Texas