Light up the Night with the Original Sniper Hog Lights

Avoid copy-cat or knock-off brands, demand the one and only original Sniper Hog Lights brand night hunting lights. Welcome to the official Sniper Hog Lights website, where you can get the best hunting flashlights with the longest range available. Hunters from around the globe have written raving reviews about the quality and reliability of our gun mounted lights, flashlights and feeder lights. Our bow hunting lights, rifle lights and high-powered flashlights have an adjustable focus so you can emit the perfect amount light on your target animal, minimizing the potential of "spooking" your prey. Our versatile hunting & tactical flashlights feature interchangeable LED modules in red, green, white and IR, making them adaptable to your specific needs. The components in all of our 30LR, 50LR and 66LR lights are fully interchangeable with one another, meaning you can easily convert your 30LR bow hunting light into a 50LR or 66LR rifle light. Our lights shine much further than other weapon mounted & hand-held hunting lights... The 30LR is capable of illuminating an area of more than 400 yards ahead of you, while the 50LR can increase visibility to over 600 yards, and even in the darkest hour, our 66LR will allow you to see more than 800 yards away. That's a distance greater than 8 Football fields! Our Exterminator II feeder light will light up your entire baited area and can be effectively mounted over 230 yards away from your feeder letting you shoot comfortably from outside the feeding area.

Please note that the red light in the above video's is much brighter in person,
and the actual light produced by Sniper Hog Lights is greater than what you see in the videos.

Please don't watch the video's if you don't want to see hogs get shot.

30LR gun mounted hunting light 30LR Flashlight
66LR Flashlight package with 3 colors
List Price: $144.99
Our Price: $144.99
30LR Flashlight package with 3 colors
MSRP $119.99
Dealer Price $119.99
66LR Gun hunters pkg. Red, Green, White Or IR.
30LR Gun Hunters package with 3 colors
66LR Gun hunters package with 2 Extra LED modules
30LR flashlight Package with 3 colors
bow light
Predator hunters Package
Our Price: $269.99
50LR Gun hunters pkg. with 3 colors
30LR bow light package
Exterminator II Feeder light